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Temperature Control for Buildings

Efficient Heating & Cooling for Industry and Commerce

With summer on the way, the cooling of industrial and non-domestic buildings should be at the forefront of every businesses mind. Having a temperature controlled working environment allows immediate relief from temperatures that may be too high or low throughout the year. This in turn can lead to happier employees, and a more productive workforce.


Additionally for many companies, the cooling of industrial buildings is important not just for their employees. Indeed for some, the need to maintain a temperature controlled environment that offers both heating and cooling solutions is important for their products and goods.


Schwank now offers an efficient solution for the heating and cooling of industrial and trade facilities with the GHP. Most importantly: the system uses free ambient heat from the air, as well as natural gas, which costs much less than electricity.


With over 1 million units sold worldwide, this environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution has already excelled in a wide variety of applications.


Main Applications in Industry and Trade:


  • Temperature control for thermal processes, e.g. Foundries or Furnaces
  • Storage of temperature sensitive goods such as foods
  • Storage of dangerous materials or pharmaceutical products
  • Heating and cooling supply for Laboratories, Research centres and Offices
  • Cooling for Industrial and Commercial facilities

Performance and Economy – the GHP


The GHP range offers a powerful heating and cooling solution, with units ranging from 16HP [45 kW cooling / 50kW heating] all the way up to 50HP [142kW cooling/ 160kW heating]. This technology offers notable advantages to large operators – such as industry and commerce – as the gas supply for the buildings requires no additional investments.  By contrast, the use of electric heat pumps can incur substantial extra costs for the supply of electrical power [i.e. large transformer stations].


Comparing the electricity consumption between GHPs and standard VRFs highlights the savings:





Natural Gas – the driving force


As opposed to electric heat pumps, the compressor of the cooling circuit of a gas heat pump is operated by a gas powered engine. This technology offers notable advantages to large operators – such as industry and commerce – who benefit from low-priced gas. Additional investments in peak load boilers or larger transformer stations for electric heat pumps are often no longer required.







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