Schwank efficient heaters header to performance comparisons table

Performance comparisons between unit and radiant heaters

Source: Natural Gas for Heating Large Buildings, Federal Association of German Gas and Water Economics, 2010

An important generic survey on “Natural Gas for Heating Large Buildings” carried out by the Federal Association of German Gas and Water Economics highlighted comparisons between heating systems based on unit and radiant heaters.


The results, covered in the table below, are taken from a range of unit and radiant product types that could be used as heating systems for large buildings such as industrial and commercial premises. It is interesting to note the comparative benefits shown by plaque and tube radiant heaters such as manufactured by Schwank, such as in equipment efficiency, rapid start-up times and the ability to provide partial heating.


These and other features of radiant heaters can be important in selecting heating systems to provide optimum temperatures for large working areas such as distribution centres and industrial production facilities.





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