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Radiant Principles of Infrared Heaters

Radiant Principles of Infrared Heaters by Schwank

Schwank’s gas-fired infrared heaters work on principles found in nature, similar to the way the radiant heat of the sun reaches us. But why are infrared heaters efficient?


Because, like heat rays emitted by the sun, radiant infrared heaters do not transmit their energy, namely warmth, until it makes contact with a surface. In other words, the thermal energy penetrates the air without heating it. Heat is not wasted or dissipated.


This makes for reduction in energy costs but also positive gains for the environment, where energy efficiency has been identified as a very significant factor in cutting carbon emissions. There are benefits all round.


Flexibility in application


In 1938 Günther Schwank invented and patented the first of the world’s luminous gas-fired infrared heaters, and Schwank has established itself as a leading innovator in this remarkably energy efficient heating technology. These heating systems are highly flexible and have been used in a wide variety of applications.


Working like the sun, our industrial infrared heaters maintain comfortable temperatures for people at work and our stadium infrared heaters ensure a warm welcome for sports fans! There are many uses for outdoor infrared heaters as well as radiant systems for heating buildings. For instance, Schwank’s infrared patio heaters provide a hospitable warmth for outdoor areas at pubs, restaurants and cafes.


An interesting part of the way that infrared space heaters govern temperature is by creating comfortable microclimates round where the heat is required. When the thermal energy is absorbed by a surface area, this in turn give out heat into its surrounding locality.


So with an industrial infrared heating system, such as used in a manufacturing plant or distribution centre, absorbed heat from machinery or stored goods will benefit those working close by. Once again, there is minimum wastage of energy.

Preventing hot air stratification

Schwank gas-fired industrial infrared heaters


It is well known that hot air rises and thermal lift within buildings can be a major problem when there is a need to heat large interior working areas. With a convective heating system this can cause significant heat wastage through hot air being trapped just below the ceiling of the building.


Schwank gas-fired industrial infrared heaters have been proved time and time again to have minimised the costly and wasteful characteristic of hot air stratification within building interiors. Once again, this is due to the ability of infrared heaters to transmit thermal energy to the task of heating people and objects rather than the air above and around them!

Fast Start-up and accurate focus

Schwank infrared space heaters UK


Central heating systems will use a medium such as water for transferring heat, which means that achieving the desired temperature can be a slow process. A gas-fired infrared heating system by contrast will an energy source such as natural gas or biogas, so start-up times are rapid, activated by the flick of a switch!


Schwank infrared space heaters can heat an entire building or just individual zones as required, making their operation accurately focused, energy efficient and economical. Another important efficiency aspect is heat modulation.


Virtually every heating system is sized up to be designed for the lowest outside temperature likely to occur during the course of the year, but this may only occur on a few days at most. That’s where Schwank’s intelligent heating control technology comes in!


Our infrared heaters are offered with fully modulating control, ensuring that the output of the heating system and the actual heat requirement of the building and its occupants can be accurately matched.



Why are infrared heaters efficient?




  • Heat is applied directly where it’s needed
  • Heat wastage is avoided
  • Heating systems are flexible and scalable
  • Heating systems provide accurate temperature control


That’s why Schwank gas-fired radiant infrared heaters are at the leading edge of HVAC technology!





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