Air curtains

Hall doors – Energetic weak point of every building

Often hall gates are energy intensive building openings. In winter a lot of valuable heat and also during summer a large amount of costly generated cold air get lost. It is essential that: The larger the opening the higher the costs because of an uncontrollable exchange between internal and external air. Moreover, the higher probability of uncomfortable air draught.


Who controls the heat loss with the help of ambient air curtains; safes energy costs and improves the working conditions. Schwank, the expert for innovative climate solutions, provides individual solutions – even for existing heating systems.

Air curtains – Stop uncontrolled air movement

Air curtains blow ambient or heated air directly alongside the hall doors. Like an invisible wall this air curtains separates internal from external air.

Thereby inconvenient draughts from the outside can be avoided, which increases the employee satisfaction sustainably. Considering energy prices also important: Facility operators save energy costs and operating hours of the heating system decrease remarkably

Your benefits at a glance:

  •          Air curtains reduce energy costs by decreasing air intake through open gates
  •          Air curtains increase the comfort by avoiding warm- and cold air intake in summer and winter
  •        Air curtains reduce employee absence by avoiding draughts

Cold air flow without air curtain

Cold air flow with air curtain



Facility size:

50m x 40m x 6m [12.000 m³]


Two Gates each 4,5x4,0m

Opening times per gate:

2,5 minutes / hour

Air intake velocity:

0,5 m/s [close to calm]

Air intake:

2.700 m³/h


This means: Within 4 hours the heated internal air is entirely exchanged with cold cold external air.








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