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Gas Engine Heat Pump From Schwank


With Schwank Gas engine Heat Pumps [GHPs] you can efficiently heat and cool – even simultaneously – by combining the efficient use of gas and ambient heat.


Comfort is guaranteed not only in Winter, but in Summer also, with the ability to cool entire buildings, or cool some parts of a building whilst heating others e.g. for a pharmaceuticals facility, cooling a warehouse whilst heating attached offices.


With over 1 million units sold worldwide, this environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology has already excelled in a wide variety of applications.


All Schwank GHPs comply with current and forthcoming environmental regulations and have excellent efficiency ratings [heating up to 150%; cooling up to 200%].


Natural Gas – the driving force


As opposed to electric heat pumps, the compressor in the cooling circuit of a GHP is operated by a gas powered engine. GHPs are used worldwide as an environmentally conscious and efficient alternative for the temperature control of buildings.


This technology offers notable advantages to large operators – such as industry and commerce – who benefit from low-priced gas. With GHPs, additional investments in peak load boilers or larger transformer stations for electric heat pumps are no longer required.



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Gas engine heat pump Schwank

Energy flows of gas engine heat pump

Development of electricity and natural gas prices [including electricity and natural gas taxes] for the industrial sector. Source: BDEW


Benefits of GHP:


Economic Efficiency


  • Utilises free ambient heat from the air
  • Recovers and recycles heat produced from the engine, e.g. free’ hot water produced as part of the heating or cooling process
  • Transforms 100% of gas into 150% of heat
  • Low energy costs
  • Minimal electricity required freeing up capacity for other critical tasks


Environmentally friendly


  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Lowest NOx emissions – 66% below the standard
  • Direct use of primary energy – gas – saving the generation and distribution losses incurred with electric heat pumps


Comfortable and Versatile


  • Different types of heat transfer ensure the high flexibility of the system. E.g. Option of water heat exchanger to connect to domestic hot water systems, DX coil or chilled water for indoor heat exchange
  • Possibility of heating and cooling simultaneously
  • Easy installation into all types of buildings


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