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aeroSchwank – our warm air heating with innovative gas burner

Warm air heating perfection

aeroSchwank is a directly fired gas unit heater which has proven its worth thanks to its innovative burner technology. It is especially suited to supply warm air heating in buildings with low ceilings, in areas with restricted space and also with high air exchange rate requirements.

If the basic heating of the building is the priority, the use of unit heaters with quiet axial fans is appropriate. If air exchange is required, unit heaters with radial fans and a ducted system can be installed.


On the question of the benefits of warm air heating vs radiators the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has some useful home energy advice “Warm Air Units – An Alternative Heating System” which can be equally applied to certain commercial premises.


The values that the CSE identifies include:

  • Warm air heating does not require a hot water distribution system with inherent potential plumbing issues
  • Conventional radiator based systems can be less efficient and more costly to run
  • A warm air system heats the air directly, with warm-up time being relatively rapid


Advantages of the Schwank warm air unit heaters:

  • Compact design
  • Integrated exhaust and combustion air blower 
  • Atmospheric multi-gas burner, encapsulated combustion with outside air supply 
  • Application as a simple air recirculation system, ducted system or rooftop system 

Warm Air Heating Perfection aeroSchwank

aeroSchwank Horizontal

aeroSchwank Vertical

aeroSchwank Centrifugal





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