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How to get Spare Parts for plaque and tube heaters


Parts for Heating Reliable Radiant Systems


Spare parts for Schwank gas fired infrared radiant heaters and tube heaters, both present and past product lines, can now be purchased online through the Schwank Spare Parts Shop



To buy replacement spare parts for your Schwank heater, simply select either one of the key product categories below. In each case, you’ll find the list of Schwank heaters (with images) and links to the spare parts you require.


If you do not initially find what you are looking for, or need further help or advice, please contact Schwank UK service engineers on 00 44 (0)208 641 3900 or sales(at)schwank.co.uk




Parts for Heating Reliable Radiant Systems

Schwank gas fired infrared radiant heating systems have a reputation for reliability and for providing lengthy and efficient service. The heating parts online facility on this website enables users to acquire a full range of components for our heating systems in order to support maintenance and gas space heater repair requirements.


To maintain performance and to comply with industry regulations, it is vital that heating systems are professionally checked and tested. This should be in accordance with Schwank’s manufacturer specifications.


By retaining a full stock of heater parts for our gas fired installations available online ensures that customers can maintain equipment in its optimum condition. Heating parts specialist advice is also available to our customers via email and telephone whenever required.


Planned maintenance and replacement of under-performing component parts for heating systems is essential because:


  • A gas safety certificate is required for all gas driven heating systems, including infrared radiant heaters
  • The optimum energy saving benefits of gas fired infrared systems lead to low operating costs and have a positive impact on the carbon footprint of a building. These benefits will only be achieved if the correct maintenance schedule is followed and any failing gas space heater parts replaced.
  • Early detection of wearing space heater parts by skilled service engineers avoids potentially expensive repairs and downtimes
  • Failure to apply an effective maintenance programme with heater parts replacement can adversely affect insurance claims in the event of system malfunctions.

Technology and energy efficiency

Schwank gas-fired infrared heaters are well known for their longevity and we are committed to maintaining a stock of parts for heating systems that have given many years of reliable service as well as heater parts for our newest models.


However, we are continually innovating new products and technology has moved on. For instance, the modern supraSchwank systems can now almost halve energy consumption compared to our older models. This means cost savings can pay back the investment for upgrading in a short time, with added environmental benefits through reducing the carbon footprint of the building.


We strongly recommend planned programmes of preventative maintenance to ensure the continued reliable and efficient operation of a gas fired infrared radiant heating system. They also provide the element of cost predictability instead of unforeseen expenditure to repair faults and replace parts for heating.


Furthermore, qualified engineers recommended by Schwank will be aware of the latest technological developments in our product ranges, including advances in the component space heater parts that affect performance. They can thus offer advice to businesses in their decision making about when to consider making any changes or upgrades to their heating systems.





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